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announce Announce a message to all servers the bot is in.
selfroleset Manage selfroles.
serverlock Lock a bot to its current servers only.
addpath Add a path to the list of available cog paths.
cogs Lists all loaded and available cogs.
installpath Returns the current install path or sets it if one...
paths Lists current cog paths in order of priority.
removepath Removes one or more paths from the available cog pat...
reorderpath Reorders paths internally to allow discovery of dif...
allowlist Commands to manage the allowlist.
blocklist Commands to manage the blocklist.
command Commands to enable and disable commands and cogs.
contact Sends a message to the owner.
diagnoseissues Diagnose issues with the command checks with ease! dm Sends a DM to a user.
embedset Commands for toggling embeds on or off.
helpset Commands to manage settings for the help command.
info Shows info about mibro.
invite Shows mibro's invite url.
inviteset Commands to setup mibro's invite settings.
leave Leaves servers.
licenseinfo Get info about Red's licenses.
load Loads cog packages from the local paths and installed cogs.
modlogset Manage modlog settings.
mydata Commands which interact with the data mibro has about you.
reload Reloads cog packages. restart Attempts to restart mibro.
servers Lists the servers mibro is currently in.
set Commands for changing mibro's settings.
shutdown Shuts down the bot.

slash Base command for managing what application commands are a...

disable Marks an application command as being disabled, prevent...
disablecog Marks all application commands in a cog as being dis...
enable Marks an application command as being enabled, allowing...
enablecog Marks all application commands in a cog as being enab...
list List the slash commands the bot can see, and whether or no...
sync Syncs the slash settings to discord.

traceback Sends to the owner the last command exception that ha...
unload Unloads previously loaded cog packages.
.suptime Shows mibro's uptime.